About Mass

Mass Deathtruction is born in the beginning of 2008 when Pedro decided to create a brand new DeathMetal event.


In 2008 the first edition of the Mass Deathtruction Festival was organised in Namur (Cinex).

- 2008 -

In 2009 Pedro decided to organise the festival in two different parts of Wallonia on 2 different week-ends. It is why the second edition of the Mass Deathtruction Festival took place in Namur (Cinex) and one week later in Louvain-la-Neuve (Ferme du Bièreau).


- 2009 (part I) -                                          - 2009 (part II) -

In 2010 the festival was organised in the beginning of December at la Ferme du Bièreau of Louvain-la-Neuve. More than 24 bands on 2 stages.

- 2010 -

In 2011 the festival took place in Louvain-la-Neuve. More than 23 bands on 2-days played their shows on the big stage.

- 2011 -

This year the festival come back for the fifth year. Support Mass Deathtruction. See you there !


Mass Deathtruction does a lot of work to promote great shows to bands and fans. We have to make sure that everybody is satisfied with every parts of the organisation. It is why we really care about every little details to increase the quality of every shows we organise.


Every Mass Deathtruction's show will burn your ears with a powerful DeathMetal ! !


They played for us :
Aborted (BE)
Arch Enemy (SWE)

Benighted (FR)
Dagoba (FR)
Decapitated (PL)
Entombed (SWE)
Fleshgod Apocalypse (IT)
God Dethroned (NL)

Gorgoroth (NOR)
Grave (SWE)

Hackneyed (DE)
Hate (PL)
Hatesphere (DK)

Immolation (USA)
Incantation (USA)
Krisiun (BRA)
Leng Tch'E (BE)

Macabre (USA)
Marduk (PL)

Napalm Death (UK)
Nervecell (DUB)
Nile (USA)

Obscura (DE)
Sinister (NL)
Ultra Vomit (FR)
Vader (PL)
Vital Remains (USA)

Vomitory (SWE)
   and many other bands