Welcome to Mass Deathtruction






30 November 2015

The festival 2015 is NOT sold-out.
Price at doors is 35 euro.

Presale tickets are still available at Fnac.be till 4th December 2015 (click on the picture)


22 November 2015

Our brand new t-shirts and hoodies of FESTIVAL 2015 are arrived !
Available sizes S ; M ; L ; XL ; XXL
T-shirt : 15 euro
Hoodie : 30 euro

18 November 2015

The deadline to order your online presales is fixed to Sunday 29th November 2015 at midnight.

28 October 2015

Here you are ! Our brand new teaser :

20 October 2015

Big surprise for all our fans !
SAINT NICOLAS (Saint-Nicolas / Sinterklaas) will come back this year 2015 at our festival !!!
A special gift to the first 100 fans at the entrance of the festival will be offered.
Saint Nicolas will also stay till 13h30 for those of you who want to be photographed !
Your personal photography will be posted online after the festival.

10 October 2015

Hereafter you will find the time schedules :

23h30 00h30 Finntroll
22h15 23h10 Nargaroth
21h00 21h50 Nader Sadek
19h45 20h35 Tyr
18h35 19h20 Negator
17h30 18h15 Finsterforst
16h30 17h10 Mor Dagor
15h30 16h10 Aktarum
14h30 15h10 Saille
13h30 14h10 Drakum
12h35 13h10 Dunkelnacht

11h45 12h20 Lemuria


20 September 2015

Last band that will close the line-up is TYR (fo).
What do you think about our 2015 poster ?

16 September 2015

DUNKELNACHT (fr) and MOR DAGOR (ger) will complete our line-up.

12 September 2015

We are happy to announce NADER SADEK (eg/usa) at Mass Deathtruction 2015.

08 September 2015

SAILLE (bel) and DRAKUM (esp) have been added to our 2015 festival's line-up.

06 September 2015

We promised some Blackmetal.
Here we go with NEGATOR (ger) !

31 August 2015

Some folk/pagan Metal this year with :


29 August 2015

NARGAROTH (ger) has been added on our line-up 2015.
What a great idea : folk and black metal this year !

26 August 2015

Presale tickets are now available via our website (soon via Fnac.be).
Order yours without dragging ;-)

24 August 2015

Mass Deathtruction festival will take place at "la Ferme du Bièreau" in Louvain-la-Neuve in Belgium on Saturday 5th December 2015. FINNTROLL from Finland will headline the festival this year !